The CONAS Project



This website requires a professional look-and-feel. The site should be dynamic and grow with industry changes. The site also needs to communicate to both a technical, scientific audience (in the language of funders and support organizations) as well as the common man (in the language of the community members this site serves). The site should also provide a voice to the indigenous peoples of Alaska and address their concerns about the issues and needs related to the industry. Finally, site owners should always be able to modify the site themselves.


Honor Coding developed this website with custom features that make the site easy to modify and manage. Because the site was developed using an industry standard CMS (WordPress), the site owners are able to easily modify the site without assistance. They also have the capability to easily add plugins and special features to the site, such as an online registration feature that was considered, should the need arise.

The site was developed using technical language, but in a format that is easy for the common man to understand. The images on the site were taken directly from the communities served and represent the indigenous peoples who live in those areas. Testimonials from those communities also help give the communities a voice for their concerns.

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