Honor Coding builds and manages your online marketing platform, so you can focus on your business.

Crafted For Your Business

Crafted For Your Business

You want an online presence that markets your unique goods and services to your target customers.

Honor Coding will help you craft an online marketing strategy that is right for your business. This includes developing your brand and determining which marketing tools will accomplish your business goals.

Honor Coding Does The Work For You

Honor Coding Does The Work For You

Honor Coding handles each step of building your online presence for you using approved internet standards and secure software.

Keep apprised at each phase of development and provide critical feedback. You can be confident that you are getting a high quality product that meets your needs and goals.

Worry Free

Worry Free

Honor Coding honors agreements with clients and stands by quality work.

You can cancel any time, so there is no worry about getting locked into expensive long-term contracts.

You can also rest assured that with proper updates and maintenance, your website and online presence will last for years to come.



Develop Your Marketing Strategy

No two businesses are alike. Your website and online presence should reflect the unique offerings and character of your business.

Honor Coding helps you develop a brand and a voice, so that you can communicate in a manner that speaks to your customers' concerns and draws in more clients. Honor Coding then helps you craft what to say in accordance with your branding.  This may include professional copy writing and photography.


Build Your Online Presence

Once a marketing plan is developed, Honor Coding will put the pieces together that help you reach out to your customers. This may include:

  • Create a unique design that engages your audience
  • Build your website using approved internet standards
  • Incorporate search engine optimization
  • Develop landing pages, blogs, newsletters, social media marketing, and much more


Launch, Evaluate & Maintain

After the pieces are assembled, Honor Coding will launch your online marketing package to begin to draw in clients. The standardized software allows you to modify anything on your website with or without Honor Coding assistance.  Honor Coding will train your staff on how to use the new products.

Honor Coding can then evaluate your website, search engine rankings, and/or online marketing presence at regular intervals; and provide important updates and maintenance to keep your online marketing "engine" running smoothly.



Analytical Consulting Group LLC

I contacted John after my site was taken down by another hosting provider, they offered zero assistance to fixing it! John, jumped in, gave me a detailed plan of how to address the issue. Within a couple of hours he had recovered my site from the old provider and had my site live in a new hosting environment. He is incredibly responsive, detailed and very easy to communicate with!

I look forward to continuing working with Honor Code to further develop my company site! I would definitely recommend his services!

Matt E. (Yelp Review)

Aleut International Association

We hired Honor Coding to build a website that was easy to maintain, professional and user friendly and are very pleased with the results. We had the capacity to build this on our own, but Honor Coding saved us money in the long run as John completed it much quicker we could have.

Jessica V. (Google Review)

Berco Alaska

Honor Coding took on our project and completed it on time and on budget. We had a few burps and they we on top of it and helped us work all out so our customers experienced a seamless rental experience. Highly recommend.

Paul B. (Google Review)

Fire & Flood Services

I used Honor Coding to help me revamp my website when I switched from another company. I was extremely happy with the streamlined process they provided. They worked with the other company on all the technical stuff and I just had to answer questions about my wants / needs / expectations for the new improved site. John Schultz was my rep and he was very knowledgeable and patient. I am very satisfied with the service I received and would recommend this company to anyone who needs web services.

Anna N. (Yelp Review)


Honor Coding - Website Development

Website Development

A good website is built on a solid framework of quality branding and reliable software.

Honor Coding helps you determine the needs of your business and incorporates sound practice into each website project. Benefits may include:

  • A marketing strategy that engages your clients and builds your brand
  • Content that speaks to your clients' concerns and interests
  • Graphic design, customized to your specifications
  • Modules that can help your business function more effectively, such as: online scheduling, contact boxes, maps, shopping carts, and much more
  • Content management software that allows you full control of your own website
  • Built-in search engine optimization

Honor Coding - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are the new yellow pages.  As such, careful planning and implementation is required to ensure that your business gets the notice it deserves.

Honor Coding builds search engine rankings by employing white-hat SEO standards that are honored by search engines.  The essential SEO package includes:

  • Applying search keywords to content and coding
  • Registering with search engines and local directory sites
  • Establishing a presence on popular social media websites
  • Building "backlinks" from other directories specific to your industry

Additional SEO options are available for businesses in high-competition industries.

Honor Coding - Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing

Landing Pages, Social Media, Blogs & More

A solid website and good search engine rankings will provide an established online presence for your business. Additional tools may be applied that strategically target areas where your clients can be found online.

Honor Coding will provide a strategic analysis of online marketing strategies that can help you meet your business goals. This may include:

  • Landing pages to funnel your clients toward action
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • A blog that helps you build relationships and educate your clients
  • And much more


At Honor Coding, Agreements With Clients are Honored

In a fast-paced world, it is easy to lose sight of the values that build relationships and establish trust. At Honor Coding, every decision is weighed against the question, “Does this honor those involved?”

If any components by Honor Coding have functional issues that are not a result of third-party updates, modifications or changes, those issues will be fixed without charge. (It is not possible for Honor Coding to warranty third-party products or the effects those products might have on the site.)

You will never be required to sign up for long-term agreements that require expensive cancellation fees.


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