Alaska Al-Anon



The previous site was outdated and difficult to update, plus there was a confusing mix of multiple domain and hosting packages. An update to the site would need to look modern and comply with mobile / responsive technology.

In addition, any site for such an organization requires a content management system that affords site owners the ability to modify content themselves. (This saves on developer costs in the future and allows non-profits to decide where to best allocate their resources.) The ability for site owners to quickly add plugins, such as an event calendar, for future site improvement would be a helpful feature.


Honor Coding reduced the confusion from the old website hosting packages and developed a new site using WordPress (an industry-standard CMS). A simple but modern theme was added and then the existing content from the old site was migrated to the new site.

This site is now a user-friendly and modern website that will last for years to come. Plus, the site can easily grow and expand in the future. If the client decides to incorporate new features, such as Events tracking or Member logins, those features can be added with minimal effort.

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